Bienvenido A La Jungla (Brendan’s ed #2)

So here is my account of what’s happened (not much really just rode my bike) to me since a while back in Mexico to the end of Central America.

Guatemala – Mayan for hills

Finally got outta Mexico (which is huge and after central I especially realise the diversity the country possesses) and decided to kick off Guatamala with what eating a choloate bar is to a Hollywood actress and hitchhike and feel very bad afterwards! But skipped a very big hill.


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Guatemala to Nicaragua – Toms Thoughts #2

Toms Thoughts #2

This is Toms thoughts on the past month-and-a-bit. After a few unexpected events including hungry ATM’s and inconveniently parked cars we ended up taking different amounts of time to ride through Central America. So we will be making two updates to the blog starting with this entry – look out for Brendan’s in the near future!


The Guatemalan people are some darn friendly folk. Riding through small villages my ears would prick up and i would turn to see local kids and families yelling “beinvenidos a Guatemala!” It was our first new country in over 3 months and by-gosh it felt good.

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