Ecuador and a Peruvian Surprise – Toms thoughts #6



Ecuador is like a lucky dip lolly bag, but one of the good ones. 

Coming down through Central America the word from other cyclists and backpackers along the way is “wait for Colombia, you are going to love it”. And they are true. Colombia was bloody fantastic. But little is given for its southern neighbor. Most people fly into the Ecuadorian Capitol and then head straight for the Galapagos islands (still on my bucket-list) and not much is said about the rest of the country.  

Ecuador is home to Volcano Alley and some amazing national parks that runs the length of the country. Ideal for riding a bike through. It had me picking up my jaw from the dirty floor more often than not and a it produced a ride to Volcan Cotopaxi that is going to be hard to beat. 

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Less is more

Since my last very recent blog, I’d just arrived in Panama City leaving you in suspense of how to get to the continent below (no doubt you have been on tender hooks ever since!?). Well I’m no longer sitting in Panama City and have replaced that town with another, this one in another continent, a few countries down and in the Southern Hemisphere. The star alignments I don’t know anyway seem a little more familiar.

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