Brendan D Doyle

recommend attire in the concrete jungle

recommended attire in the concrete jungle

Wouldn’t you want to ride around catching waves for a year plus?

I’m at a stage where I’ve ticked all those boxes someone of my age in Australia is usually expected of: finish high school, don’t go to jail, go to uni, travel around Europe, get a job and you know how the rest goes. I feel its time to change this path up a little.

I’m from rural Western Australia but never lived near the ocean. I then moved to the big lights of Perth WA to experience peak hour traffic and ended up staying for over eights years, only in the last couple I picked up surfing.

During my time I’ve been enjoying those perks a developed country has to offer all my life. Which also pedals (no pun intended):

  • The dependence on an energy source that is destroying the planet (if you don’t think CO2 is harmful let’s put it all in your house)
  • The continual search for a quick fix
  • A laziness that comes with convenience

So now its time to leave these comforts, learn how to speak spanish, fix a bike and get amongst it.

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