Ciaran Lucey

20130902-193558.jpgWe have a new addition to the Dirty Two – this technically makes us the Dirty Three but for the sake of keeping the internet happy we will introduce our new addition here!

Ciaran is the little brother of Tom. He has beard. And he likes wearing small shorts.

Ciaran likes the simple life – he isn’t too fussed about all of this internet and writing stuff. However, he is leaning Spanish and “can’t wait to visit Spain” when we finally reach South America.

Ciaran is currently enjoying the country air of Bridgetown – a small town about three hours south of Perth City where he and Tom grew up. Here he works as a plumber where he is happy with getting a little dirty – a requirement for this adventure.

4 thoughts on “Ciaran Lucey

  1. Hey boys I know this is not really cool but this is Liz I am totally proud a little anxious and a few other emotions required as part of my job!! Love to you all

  2. Is it true that Ciaran snapped the handlebars of his old mans bicycle while preparing for this expedition, as he went to perform a stunt over hamburger hill?

  3. So good to see Cizza (Ciaran) up on the site – he will certainly add something to the team, not sure what but I know it will be awesome, which I now note is up to 4 with Finbarr. What’s the Irish for Tom – then you will have 4 Irish named travellers. Like Mum, equally proud of you and looking forward to joining you all for a very flat section!

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