Things We Dig

There are hundreds of reasons as to why we are doing this – to be healthy, to experience, to slow down, to inspire, to learn, to commit, to make the most of our opportunities, to educate. A lot of these reasons come from our own personal agendas and we hold them largely responsible for motivating us to this.

But there is also broader social, economic and environmental purpose to cycling from San Francisco to Patagonia. As human pressures continue to have negative effects on our environment our hope is that this journey can provide a positive example of sustainability and environmental awareness. We hope we can promote an optimistic outlook on alternative modes of travel such as the bicycle.


The bike releases endorphins not greenhouse gasses and is fuelled by calories not fossil fuels.The bike reduces urban congestion; increases job opportunities and is the most efficient method of transport. Cycling allows us to move with greater speed without consuming significant amounts of space, energy, or time.

This journey is about getting on our bikes and experiencing the world. Its about learning new cultures. Its about slowing right down. But its also about celebrating and embracing sustainable transportation and encouraging others to do the same. Its about showing people you don’t have to be any more athletic to cycle across continents than to ride to the shops or to work. We hope to inspire people to seriously consider the benefits of sustainable living.

We want to take this opportunity to share some links to organisations / people / charities / philosophies we dig  – please check them out!

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