Eco Friendly Lifestyles

Moving by bike   

Getting across two continents with the only footprint being those of our tires – Ride on!

Cycling is one of the only ways that can allow a human to achieve this feat. As developed economies spend billions on R&D for emission free cars we have one method right under our noses!

A few reasons why we love riding our bikes to work:

  • You get the best park in the city and its free
  • You don’t pay for fuel
  • You get exercise which helps us burn that unnecessary fuel we eat
  • Its faster – I live with 10km of the city and I save about 20 minutes beating that peak hour traffic and I help my follow citizens by keeping another car off the road
  • If by chance you indulge in a few beers you can still get home
  • It’s fun 
  • Its gets you from A to B emission free everytime

So those excuses like “it’s too hot, it’s too cold, it’s too far and I don’t look cool” is crazy talk. We understand there are situations unfortunately that the bike can’t cater for but humans are creatures of habit and for a lot of us our habit is the car.


You know what it is, do it. Want to hear a story about recycling? Check out a documentary called Waste Land.

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